Private Consulting Luxembourg

Private Consulting Luxembourg

Business Development, Coaching & Consulting

Private Consulting Luxembourg, is, Your Business Interlocutor, working with, European Network, of, Highly Skilled Experts, having, Multicultural Knowledge & Experience, being, Flexible ‚ Unbiased and Confidential, delivering, Cost & Time Optimization, Increased Efficiency

Private Consulting Luxembourg

We are a leading business advisory services provider based in the heart of Europe

Our Services

We are a One-Stop Shop for all Your business needs

Our Business Development Consulting and Advisory Services are unparalleled in their breadth and depth when it comes to boosting Your business.

Why Work With Us

We are fully committed to Your business SUCCESS

Business owners and managers come to us when they desire to introduce new ideas and develop their core business, but lack time and resources. Our solutions enable our clients to free up their time and resources, so they can concentrate on their core business.

We are a Full-Service Firm

We act as a single interlocutor between You and our vast network of experts, spanning all areas of expertise required for completing Your project.

We add Zero Overhead

We add zero cost and time overhead to your project. We have established business relationships with experts and we can access their services at lower cost than our competitors

You have our Full Commitment

We are fully committed to your project. All our services are provided internally and supervised at all times by a Specialist Director in the field.

We use a Unique ABCDE Approach

We Audit, Brainstorm, Conclude, Do and Evaluate

Your Privacy is Guaranteed

We value the Privacy of our clients. Privacy, Trust and Honesty are our driving and guiding principles in everything we do.

And because…

We dig in deep. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We use proven methods that bring order and simplicity to complexity. We go right to the heart of your problems.

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Our Clients

Our clients ask us to "boost their business"

Armed with a dynamic view into an interconnected ecosystem, we step in as the single interlocutor between Your business and a wide network of highly skilled experts. We then run Your project as a Project Manager with an in-depth expertise in every area needed for successful completion.

Clients acknowledge and engage us because we bring the right people, process and proven track record to their needs.

Helene Michel, Managing Partner

Our Partners

Our partners have decades of experience

We are fully committed to being a leading and reliable Full-Service Firm in Luxembourg, to combining outstanding quality and unrivaled client care and to ensuring an attractive working environment for our People and Partners.

Our Partners bring a wealth of experience and leadership to Private Consulting and help us build a relationship of trust with our customers over the long term.

Helene Michel, Managing Partner

The Management

The driving force behind our success

Our Management Team has years of experience in their industry sectors and are able to facilitate the most complex business procedures for our Clients.

  • Private Consulting not only has a team of experts, they help you to improve your networking skills, your sales pitch and your image. Thanks to them I was able to find investors to finance my projects.

    Patricia G.

  • Private Consulting came into our business with a fresh pair of eyes and listened to our view and frustrations. With Private Consulting, we were able to develop a side of the business that complements our core objectives and I strongly recommend the services they provide.

    Amanda P.

  • If you need new clients, go with Private Consulting. Ivo, Hélène and their team implemented a Business Development division in our company, and after few weeks, clients were coming. Great support from a great team of experts.

    Thierry M.

  • I successfully launched a start-up in Luxembourg that in no small part is thanks to Private Consulting. They had faith in me and today I’m very thankful for that.

    Hugo M.

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Your interests always come first

Privacy, responsiveness, honesty and trust are our driving principles.

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Private Consulting Luxembourg

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